Universal Sowing Machine (UY-3000-23)

Universal Sowing Machine (UY-3000-23)

Category : Üniversal Ekim Makinaları

In the light of numerous field trials and feedback from users, Seca Agriculture Machinery continues to offer you the best results.

 Seca Universal sowing machines successfully sow the seeds in all sizes and shapes from wheat, barley, oats, poppy to chickpeas, from canola to onion.

 In all our universal seeders, 3-speed stepless gearbox is offered as standard equipment. Thanks to this transmission, micro seeds such as canola, onion and poppy provide planting at low planting norms up to 300gr / decare
In this system, the amount of stroke adjustment is made by changing the rotation speed of the seed gears via the stepless transmission. In this way, the same shooting norm is obtained in all conditions between the planting feet.
Depending on demand and need, an external micro-granule distribution unit can be added to all our universal seed drills (optional).

 In addition, in all fertilizer models, micro-granule fertilizer application feature can be provided to the fertilizer crops on the existing machine.